Thomas Mohi


Thomas Mohi was born in Schweinfurt in1964. He studied art education at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität in Erlangen-Nuremberg and graduated at the Academy for Visual Arts in Nuremberg with a thesis on “Art and Public Space” in 2003. He became a master student under Professor Georg Winter and became known at home and abroad through a large number of exhibitions.

During the Bachwoche 2007, Mohi displayed a collection of painted art works in the restaurant. He spanned the entire Kronenhof and presented 7 overlong printed proofs with musical motifs. His pictures are distinguished by a mixture of painting and woodcut. He leaves it to the paint to determine the tone of the painting. The woodcut undertakes the task of forming the painting.

The result is an insight into surprising dimensions, which the artist describes as the painting being “detached from the form, the woodcut being detached from the paint. Not until the woodcut is printed on the painting can I see the painting. Until then it was inside me.”


 Laziness and Passion – 2009/10 – 40 x 80 cm
Laziness and Passion – 2009/10 – 40 x 80 cm.