Great Wines - Little Sins


Great wines can be red or white, from time to time they are rosé, occasionally sparkling, sometimes dry and often sweet. Great wines have many faces - but in any case they are sophisticated, fascinating and, of course, tempting.

Two people can drink a whole bottle of wine - if it is a great wine. If you cannot drink it entirely, it is not a great wine. A great wine is not made by Parker-points or "glasses" in the Gambero-Rosso wine guide: Great wines are made by nature and passionate wine growers, in order to be discovered and experienced by not less passionate gourmets of wine, because the personal regalement is in the front of the individual wine experience.

In the world of wine, variety is - thank God! - still large enough for everyone to live through his or her own world of taste and indulgence, because wine is a prism in which the world is refracted.

And we encounter "little sins" every day. Sometimes they are annoying, we bear them or we yield to them for the most part, smiling, lost in thought, happy to have nurtured our soul with a bit of balsam. At La Corona we are dedicated toward small sins from the world of "gourmandize" that make life more exciting, alluring and more passionate. Now and then, the "sins" on our menu are a little bit bigger and create a framework full of relish for a culinary piece of art. It is very simple to achieve great taste: Take the best of everything!