Rolf Altena

Rolf Altena was born 1947 in Gunzenhausen. From 1969 to 1974 he studied at the University for visual arts in Stuttgart with Prof. Peter Grau and Prof. Horst Bachmeyer. At the same time he graduated in chemistry at the TH Stuttgart. In the following period of time, he was - among other things - the assistant and artistic co-worker of Prof. Dieter Groß.

Since 1994, Rolf Altena works as a freelance artist and has attended many domestic and foreign exhibitions. His works have been introduced to prominent collections.

During the Bachwoche 2011, Rolf Altena created a number of underplates in faience technique. Furthermore, he presented large and medium sized bowls in his distinctive style, which sometimes reminds one of Pablo Picasso.